Alex Villela

CEO - Lawyer and Lobbyist

Alex Villela Franco is a leader in the Honduran conservative National Party, currently in power.

His various political endeavors include Legal and Political Advisor for the presidential campaigns of former Presidents Ricardo Maduro and Porfirio Lobo Sosa. He is currently a political and legal advisor to the political commission of the National Party.

Marlene Villela de Talbott

Honorary Partner Currently in the Foreign Service

Marlene Villela de Talbott is a prestigious diplomat that has represented Honduras as Ambassador to Taiwan.

Ambassador to the Organization of American States headquartered in Washington DC, was former Counselor Ministry to the Honduran Embassy to the White House in Washington DC, and is currently Ambassador to Japan, the Philippines and Thailand.

Lisa Villela de Calderon

Biologist - Environmental Department Director

The third partner and general manager, with 20 year experience in environmental law, project management, and natural resource management.

She has degrees in Biology, Environmental Control, Project Management, and Natural Resource Management from universities in Honduras, Belgium, Brazil and the United States.